Only usable within Second Life (TM)

The new absolute ESSENTIAL gadget, every Man has to have in his inventory.

This HUD lists all In-World Stores selling products for male Avatars in Second Life.

The Stores are sorted by their product category.

Our market scanning algorithm ensures, that all links stay up-to-date.

The HUD receives all data from a external database, and is updating itself every 24 hours.

No more endless searching within marketplace

(i.e. looking for “male skin” you will be presented in the search results not only with male skins, but also
female skins, shapes, clothing and everything else you dont need in that particular moment)

or within the in-world search

(you will get everything else but not what you are looking for).

The Shopping Hud will provide you with all available stores,
selling the product you have been looking for by choosing the category.
You can browse through the displayed Stores, read their description
or directly teleport to their location. Clothing & Acccessoire stores been added too.

Get inspired by the diversity of stores and different designs.
There are up to 60 stores per category to explore, more than 500 in total.
This choice gives yourself the chance to create a very unique avatar.


1) Select a product category by clicking the ‘Category’ field

2) Pick the category that you want to see.
The shops that sell products of that category are then shown within the HUD.

3) You can move forward and back in the list by clicking the hand symbols at the bottom.

4) Click on a shops logo and check your chat window.
You will find a short description of the store and a clickable landmark.
That way you can easily teleport to the store of your desire.

Get the HUD on MP: